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Our dietary supplements are created using the same herbs used for centuries to help one detoxify, cleans, and restore their body naturally. Some of these herbs include Bitter Melon, Pipli, Turmeric, Triphala, Shardunikha, & Shatavari.


Giving curry its yellowish color, turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years.


With a literal translation of Three Fruits, this is a combination of Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki.


Traditionally used for its rejuvenative qualities, shatavari has been used for centuries.

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Money Back Guarantee!

We are proud of our dietary supplements and offer a money back guarantee. If you ar dissatisfied with our product for any reason send back the unusedportion and we will refund your purchase price. With a guarantee like this, you have nothing to lose!

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If you are a wholesaler and would like to destribute our product, please feel free to get in touch. We are always searching to build strong partnerships so that more people have access to our dietary supplements. For more information, please click the link below.

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We believe in living a good, clean, healthy life and although this is best accomplished naturally, our supplements can help when it is difficult. We usethe highest quality herbs and offer a solution for the person on-the-go.

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