Guduchi - This herb is a bitter tonic. Helpful in eye conditions, as a tissue builder, helps development of the brain and intelligence, and combats premature aging.



Guduchi Health Benefits*


Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) - Certified OrganicGuduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is very effective in improving the body’s immune system. It is also an effective immunostimulant. Guduchi herb helps in treating different types of fever and dyspepsia, very effective in treating hepatitis, arthritis and recurrent infections. Guduchi possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergic and anti-rheumatic properties.

  • Helps in building immune system.*
  • Acts as detoxicant tonic.*
  • Acts as Cholagogue.*
  • Helpful in treating arthritis.*
  • Effective against renal obstructions and urinary disorders.*
  • Acts as memory booster.*
  • Helps in repairing fibrosis.*
  • Regenerates liver tissues.*
  • Helpful in eye disorders.*
  • Helps in regulating metabolism.*
  • Regulates blood sugar level and hence very effective in diabetes & hypoglycaemia.*
  • Effective tonic against fever and acts as anti-pyretic.*

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Guduchi Herbal Research & References


Guduchi Research and Clinical Studies

Scientist tested out that daily dose of Guduchi decreases the blood glucose level and increases glucose tolerance in rodents. Aqueous extract of Guduchi also caused a reduction in blood sugar in alloxan induced hyperglycemia in rats and rabbits in the dose of 400 mg/kg. Another study has also revealed significant hypoglycemic effect of extract of leaves in normal and alloxan diabetic rabbits. However, the extract had no significant effect on total lipid levels in normal or treated rabbits.

The aqueous extract of roots of Guduchi has shown the anti-oxidant action in alloxan diabetes rats. Daily dose (50 mg/kg body weight) of Guduchi roots extracts for 6 weeks resulted in a significant reduction of serum and tissue cholesterol, phospholipids and free fatty acids in alloxan diabetic rats.

Scientist used Guduchi to explore antitumor promoting activity in a two-stage skin carcinogenesis model. For this purpose, mice were treated by single application of DMBA (100 microg/100 microl of acetone) and two weeks later promoted by croton oil (1% in acetone three times a week) until the end of the experiment (i.e., 16 weeks). Oral administration of the Guduchi extract at the preinitiational stage , promotional stage , and both pre- and postintiational stage recorded significant reduction in tumor weight, tumor incidence in comparison to control (i.e., mice treated with DMBA and croton oil; group III). Furthermore, cumulative number of papillomas, tumor yield, tumor burden, and tumor weight showed significant reduction along with significant elevation of phase II detoxifying enzymes, and inhibition of lipid peroxidation in liver and skin.

Other Names For Guduchi

Latin Name - Tinospora cordifolia
Common Name - Guduchi, Indian tinospora, Tinospora Gulancha

Guduchi in Ayurveda

Guduchi is described as Medhya Rasayana in Ayurvedic Charak Smahita, it acts as memory booster and develops intelligence and mental calmness.  Guduchi herb is very useful in arthritis ( Amavata or Vatarakta) and other joint inflammatory conditions. It clears Pitta toxins (like uric acids) via urinary system.
It also removes other toxins from body without disturbing any other Dosha.

Guduchi helps in avoiding constipation, haemorrhoids and intestinal bleeding. Guduchi has heating qualities and it stimulates ‘rakta dhavani’ & strengths Pitta types digestion.

It has also been effective for action against also has action against alternative fever like Malaria.

Guduchi has Reproductive properties, it helps in treating sexual dysfunction caused due to heat condition. It is used in many medical formulas for sexual disorders caused by imbalance of Pitta.*


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Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) - Certified Organic

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